First Holy Communion

Gabriel you received your first Holy Communion on the 18th of October, 2015 at the Church of Divine Mercy, Sungai Ara. You were standard 4.  One month before this big day, Parents were called for meet up to discuss about the activities for preparation.

There was a First Holy Communion Camp on the 3rd October, 2015. You were taught to make the bread and you came back told us that you all end up with making Chapati.

You started catechism class at the age of 7.  Since then you have more understanding of your faith. On the actual day, you received the two sacrament, bread and wine. Unfortunately you fell sick one week before the actual day. Luckily with god protection you have recovered before the ceremony. You have a sketch with two friends during the ceremony. You acted as Jesus disciple that would want to sit besides Jesus. It was a funny and successful sketch! We were very proud of you and we felt you are very brave. You could act in front of many people with confident!

Grandma and grandpa also purposely came from Menglembu to attend the ceremony. Uncle Bart family also came to the mass.We were very happy on this meaningful day.





Piano Marathon

<img src="https://gabrielcheah.files.wordpress.cietSPiano Marathon videoGabriel you have dropped your piano learning in standard 1 and you have started back the class in standard 3. You have more interest now and able to control your fingers well. Teacher has suggested you go for Grade 3 exam. You also participated in an event called Steinway red D Piano Marathon in Gurney Paragon. You have the chance of playing a Red Grand Piano!!! The song that you performed called “Square Dance” You did played quite well. We are proud of you. (You memorized the song)

School and activities

Gabriel HopeGabriel you are now 10 years old ( Standard 4). You are adapting well in school and also day care (Samantha auntie’s day care) In school, you are doing pretty well in exam. From standard 2, you are in C class, standard 3 & 4 went to A class.
Papa and mummy are very proud of you in the school results. Your favorite subjects are Science and English. You are a “book worm” and you love reading so much that you read in every actions that you do, such as changing clothes, shoes, eating and go toilet 😛 Your favorite book are Geronimo and Science related books. We have never worried of your academy. However, you are a shy person and didn’t have many friends. You always complain that you didn’t have friends. May be this is due to your characters. You are quiet and you talk very direct! So we hope you will improve in this area.

Christmas 2012 & Year End school holiday

Hi Gabriel,

You were looking forward to Christmas since months before Christmas. We were celebrating Christmas in grandma house. On Christmas eve, we attended mass in Batu Gajah because Grandpa was on duty. Actual reason you wanted to attend the night mass was because you couldn’t wait to open your present on Christmas day. Grandma told you, when we were back from church, you could open the present already.You were very excited about that. This year, you got an angry bird watch and also a towel from uncle Bart and family. Mummy and papa bought you a Geronimo book. 

Then during this Christmas you were also having fun time making noodles with grandpa and grandma. The special noodle was Hakka pan mee. Below are the few photos captured during the process. You have ate a lot of your own made noodles.Hopefully you still can remember the recipes when you grow up!

With love,



Gabriel’s first Indian food

On one of the Sunday evening, you had requested to go for Indian food. We were surprised how come you requested to eat Indian food. We guess this was due to grandma has come to Penang and cooked curry for us to eat. You like the curry grandma cooked very much. Mummy told you that grandma cooked the curry was specially for you, there was no chili so you can eat. But the food at Indian shop would be very spicy. Then You asked mummy to eat separate and you and papa will go to eat Indian food. So mummy gave up and brought you to Jaya restaurant to have your first Indian food on Monday. We had banana leaf rice, vegetables, fish, crackers and mango lassi. We were very full till you said you will not eat it again in a short period of time.

Promise (15 Mar 2012)

I fell sick and stayed at home and coincident Gabriel, you also had fever. So I have to let you stay home with me. End of the day, your fever seems didn’t reduced and maintained at 38.3 ( You didn’t take any paracetamol and only took Chinese medicine) and you also complaint you had headache. So papa and mummy brought you see the Chinese doctor. He suspected you had dengi fever. After took medicine, the next day morning mummy still stayed home to monitor your condition and found your fever had gone. So I cooked some noodle and chicken soup for your lunch and send you to school. When dropped you off, mummy see the guard is not really stopped some parents going in, so I followed you to the hall and waved bye to you after you go into your line. After that mummy still feel like want to chat with you for a while so I went into the hall and wanted to talk to you. Surprisingly I saw you wiping tears. So mummy asked you why were you crying? You said that you missed me and can’t forget that I treat you good at home. So I told you don’t think about that as we will meet after school..Then you cried even louder and said “ is so long …” In order not to let your friend laughed at you, so I brought you out of the hall…You kept said “ I can’t forget you treat me good…” You cried till you vomited all the food out ( all my hard work to prepare the noodle and chicken, all in the drain… ) Then I said, ”Why you want to forget??? Is ok you cannot forget” ( I tried to follow your feeling) Then you cried louder and said “ Then you asked me not to think!!! But I cannot stop thinking” Then the children started to move to the classroom. You asked mummy to company you till after school….Then mummy no choice and said will come again during recess to see you. Lastly you ok and asked mummy to faster leave as teacher said parents cannot come in after orientation. You worried the door will be closed and mummy can’t go out…

 After reached home, actually is quite a tired day as just recovered from sick. But then when reach 3pm+ again I drove to school in order to keep my promise. I parked my car besides the canteen. However parents can just stay outside of the school compound. But there are few parents passing food to the kids through the side door. Due to the hot weather I just stayed inside the car. When you ran out to the canteen, mummy didn’t want to disturb you and watched you from far. You sat down and eating your bun. At the same time also bully your friend but beating his head!!! Then when you finished, I quickly got down the car and shouted your name. I have brought the medicine thought want to let you take.  But then after you closed your Tupperware, you ran to other place. You couldn’t hear the calling. So I just stood there and wait…After a little while, you appear again. I raised up my voice and called a again. To my disappointment, again you didn’t hear it. Then after you disappear, mummy saw one of your friend. I ask his help to look for you. But he just showed he didn’t know where are you. There were 3-4 times you ran in front of me, but I couldn’t stop you. Then the BELL RANG!!! All students started moving back to the classroom…I stood under the hot sun and just speechless…I drove all the way to school and brought a basket with medicine and one pack of drink. But not able to meet you and show face to you to keep my promise! Then I drove back home and laugh at myself when I drove.

 After school, I went to fetch you and didn’t mentioned about I went to school. But then you suddenly realize that you had requested me to go to school. After I told you about I did went but you didn’t see me..You feel sorry about that !

 Although mummy felt a bit stupid and tired, but I was in fact happy to observe how you behave in school and know what did you do during recess. Basically you ran around the whole school for few rounds during recess!!! You are so energetic. Haha!


Gabriel was beaten by teacher

After schooling for less than 2 months, you told mummy that you were beaten by teacher- canned 3 times. Reason was due to you were “fighting” with your friend when teacher is in the class room. Your friend beat your back and you fight back. Due to this reason, you were being punished. Mummy found this was reasonable as you are naughty. Mummy also feel happy that you told me the truth and you didn’t seems like want to hide something from us even you did naughty thing in school. However, you were nagged by mummy and papa…

You also didn’t know how to differentiate what is “good “ and “ bad” friend. One of your friend was consistently asking money from you everyday to buy junk food. He also threaten you that if you don’t give money to him, he will not be friend with you. Due to you are still new to the school and you don’t have much friend, you continue giving money to this friend. So papa also advice you don’t be afraid of this type of friend. Mummy also stop giving you money to bring to school since we have prepared snack for you everyday.

During 1st term semester exam, mummy was doing the last minute revision with you 😛 Most of the time, we will let you relax at night since you already go to day care early morning and also attended school for the whole evening. We want you not to be so stressful…For the last minute revision, it really took us some effort to rush to explain to you for so many things, especially Malay! Lastly exam was over after one week.

One evening when you back from school, mummy saw your legs had some red lines. I thought you scratched your leg. Surprisingly you told mummy that you were beaten by teacher. I asked you which teacher beat you and why…You answer me, teacher Kwok and PJ teacher. I was surprised and asked you how come two teachers beat you? You answered yes. One beat hand and one beat leg. Mummy really can’t believe you were beaten by 2 teachers in one day! One reason was you were leaving your seat during the exam time. Teacher didn’t even tell you not to do so and immediate cane you 2 times on the leg. Then the teacher beat hand was due to you were playing with friend when teacher is teaching. Mummy after listened to your explanation, didn’t really feel sad but just surprised at that moment. However during night time when you had fall asleep, when mummy slept besides you and look at you, I couldn’t stand and cried. Since you were small we had never cane you till now ( 6 yrs plus). We will normally use explanation or punish you. After you were 4 yrs old basically you understand the rules and reasons. But now, teacher in school will just use the hard way to teach the rules!!! Even you are just standard one, many things you still need to adapt and learn. Mummy feel so heart pain on the punishment. Teacher not only cane on your flesh but cane on mummy heart too.